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1 step problem solving!

Problemloesung in 1 Schritt

1 step problem solving!

Have you got on already once on thought like the problem solution in your operational area can be optimized and be concluded(closed) possibly even in a working step?

The most far widespread method in the Lean Manufacturing world is the application of 3 different tools:

Step 1: 5 Why – to the problem description and cause analysis
Step 2: PDCA to the working package description, definition of the responsibility, the Timings and to the pursuit of the measure effectiveness
Step 3: Fishbone (Ishikawa) for the production of a mistake tree, that helps to assign the possible mistake causes


How would it be if you these 3 methods now in a working step could do?
Integrate 5 Why method simply into your PDCA and document the result automatically in an Ishikawa (Fishbone) diagram.
Moreover you need a software tool which files(passes) the PDCA in a data bank to you


Afterwards 5 Why results from the data bank in a Fishbone become a diagram moves.
Here an Excel the example which connects PDCA and 5 Why with each other.

Finished 1 step is procedures for the systematic problem solution!


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