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Business Information Control Center

Bidirektionale Betriebliche Kommunikation

Business Information Control Center

Operational bilingual communication, information at all operational levels(plains) permeable available makes.

Their(Her) enterprise(operation) has firms Newsletter, management information, announcements of each type, assistants and group appreciations, training calendars, KPI Reports, Suggestions for improvement and investment visualizations. But these news channels are accessible only those which also dispose of an operational computer. Fast communication of the management to directly in the surgical area, dead loss. In a different way around the management gets to know only with temporal delay from operational problems and this are already filtered repeatedly, so this is almost impossible a real cause fight in a lot of cases or is at least complicated.

A general information policy at the risk of contemporary technologies, can catapult your enterprise into record time the twentieth century.

There is considered(applies) a platform of information of establishing itself which is accessible to all levels(plains) equally and represents at the production level a very low inhibition threshold to the use of the system. However, at the same moment extensive tools should be placed at disposal for the management to the representation of complex connections in compressed, simple way, that all important enterprise data provides without complicated interrogations to have to execute.

The solution is as simple as brilliantly.
First computers on the Shop Floor must be provided which are accessible to all. Here the application of durable kiosk is recommended for devices if necessary with touchscreen function. Sensitive data become visible by password input or reading the assistant’s identification card.
At management level solutions are probably preferred which can be represented on the laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android or even in an avant-garde world-wide leading state.
After a waiting period the computers automatically switch over in a Signage (presentation procedure) and log off if necessary announced users again. The Signage procedure has 2 important functions. Firstly he(it) guarantees in whom the screen does not burn and secondly he(it) uses the absence of direct(straight) users around general information (news to represent information, Gruppenevents, assistant’s appreciations etc).
About a CMS (Content management system) are provided all information. The CMS is furnished(established) as a so-called kiosk system and behaves according to terminal differently. On the generally accessible computers can be prevented with an adaptation of Windows Policy certainly which see final user something else than the CMS. On the computer of the management other contents are indicated than on the computers in the enterprise(operation). In the enterprise(operation) other information is provided in the goods entrance than in the manufacturing area 1. This flexibility keeps the system of the final user extremely simple and orderly. There appear only the functions which are important for the respective assistant / assistant importantly or.

The production data come real time directly from the production engines or the relevant work stations which are equipped for this purpose with a collection terminal. In both cases the data transmission about an OPC (OLE for of proflat Control takes place to introduce standardized software interface in the area of Automatic control engineering) around the interface in the enterprise Anbieter independently, generally and uniformly. For this purpose should be also fixed the data protocol once for all processes(lawsuits) standardizes for your needs.
These data are important later to be able to represent the reports KPI real time.

After the data from the engines price increase or every workplace are placed at disposal by OPC, now these data can from a ” Shop Floor Layer “, between the engines level and the system ERP the data collects processed and zwischenspeichert. This level(plain) is extremely important, because here all actions of the day business are administered in your production. Systems ERP are too slow to place at disposal around the data quickly enough in the workplace or to recall. The systems SCADA which would be used usually at engines level every network with the data high tide immediately expect too much.

Therefore, a system is to be selected importantly which processes the data in the correct frequency, is durably in the architecture and fast enough around all demands in the production to have grown. Here most systems do themselves still difficultly to all demands to do justice, particularly if you liked to bind several hundred engines or workplaces per location.

Near the data collection, intermediate storage and transmission this Layer usually has the following other tasks:

  • Productions Sequencing
  • Recipe and engines setup administration
  • Article design on layer basis
  • Administration of the WIP (Work in progress) would stand
  • Electronic Kanban
  • Control FIFO
  • Warehouse administration
  • Quality data acquisition and analysis

How they are able to lightly see the heart of the enterprise hits here. All important surgical sizes like volume, quality and order control are administered in this Layer and place at disposal the key for the contest advantage in exactness of delivery, quality and production costs optimization.

The last and highest enterprise layer represents the system ERP. Here all marketing, finances, volume data gather centrally and are processed centrally and are stored. In this Level the data are available as a rule day-exact. The system is, causes by the architecture and his(its) tasks largely and ponderously and serves the business information Control Center, therefore, only at the highest level(plain) with some information whose report frequency is longer tendentious than on the Shop Floor to systems and not directly on the Shop Floor must be available as for example stocks (final product), took / spent KPIs, assistant’s number, fluctuation, complaints etc.

Now the business Control Center questions on the data from the data banks of the Shop Floor of system as well as the system ERP, this puts away in own generic data bank and creates(provides) from these data the reports KPI for all enterprise levels.

Another function are the Control Center views, here are represented real time the TEEP (Totally equipment Efficiency) investment conditions together with all important Performance like speed, order processing, inter buffer supplies and quality level. While crossing a warning border a warning function could be also intended, in addition.

If the modules described at the top are implemented skillfully and user-friendly have explained you powerful tools which gets a crucial contest advantage you and guarantees which you can manage your enterprise processes certainly and reliably.

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