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Create a winning business model


Create a winning business model

How to walk away with a winning business model. Here is the step by step guide, how to create a business model, which is working out.



In any good business model you need to be as clean as possible. Certain words may sound nice, but will they fit in your business model. Please choose the words wisely. If it’s filler, just get rid of it. We can’t tell you how many models have failed due to filler. The filler is just taking up space.

Here’s a hint, no one wants to read a book. In fact, no one wants to look at words anymore. It’s the message that sells, not the words. Be as simple as you can be. Get the point as quickly as possible. It will mean the difference between keeping your audience and losing them.


Here’s the thing, you have to be honest with yourself. Be honest about your business model and it’s goals. If you have a good idea, let it stand on it’s own two legs. Be honest about how far you want to go with your business model. If you only see a small scale of opportunity, design your business model to be that way. Don’t allow your business model or plan to keep going any longer.


If you are looking to be conservative with your business model goals, put your money where your mouth is. There are so many business owners who preach about being conservative, but aren’t in the long run. Being conservative is actually a good thing. More business owners need to be this way.

Find the best ways to be conservative and implement them. Make sure you write them down too. Don’t just say you will write it down and then let it go. This should all be included in your beginning plans.


When you can, try to include some sort of visual in your business model. Don’t just use one. Use a few. Break them up, of course. They need to be placed in a way that makes the whole thing flow. Don’t just shove them in and hope for the best. This is another way for your business model to fail. People want to read consistency. They want to read fluid ideas and goals.

Another thing about the visuals, make them appropriate. Your visuals need to match what your business model says. Don’t include pictures of cute little teddy bears, if they don’t match what your message is. This is a mistake that many business owners make too. They include images that are cute, assuming it will sell. This is the wrong approach.


As we mentioned before, a business model can either make or break you. You need to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. You need to be offering something no one else is. Figure out what makes you different and sell it. Customers want different. Customers want new. Customers don’t want the same tired old fluff. Even if you have a similar idea to something else, sell it. You are going too have to come up with a new angle. Take what is out there and add to it.

The one thing you don’t want to do is steal from another idea. It’s okay to borrow, but give credit where credit is due. Make it your own.


Are you looking to establish your own airline program? Look at what is out there and come up with a different approach. Set your own prices. Start a program that lets customers bid on their own travel destinations. You have to be clever here. Set a price that will meet the customer’s demand; and yet, won’t put a damper on your profit line. This is a tricky thing to do, especially with all the competition out there. This is where you need to use your heads a bit. Imagination is key when it comes to a good business model.


If you are offering certain products online, it might be a good idea to get some help. Talk to some affiliates like Google or Amazon. Find a way to offset the costs by partnering with them. When a customers buys something through Amazon, you get a cut of the profits. You’d be amazed at how high your sales will go.

One mistake companies make is by just going at it alone. Companies figure they can cut costs by doing things themselves. A good business model will include every alternative out there.

If you can save some money by partnering with Google or Amazon, do it. This will also help your customer base too. The more options you give your customers, the more likely they will stay with you. It’s true. You have to think of your customers first. You have to think like them.


We are all searching for perfection. We look for it in our relationships. We look for it in our business goals. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Sorry to be the barer of bad news. Don’t wait for perfection. Just cover the essential things in the beginning and get going. If you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll never get anything done. If you wait for the timing to be good, you’ll never move forward. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.


This is a rule of thumb which can be applied to every aspect of our lives. When writing down your plans, juts include the important details. You want to be thorough, but not too through. There comes a point when the obsession will take over all the other parts. Don’t let this happen. Just concentrate on the marketing, action plan and the projections. Everything else is gravy.


This is so important. Research everything. Research your business that you are starting. Research the potential customer base you will have. Take a look at the competition too. It’s important you know everything about your competition. This is what you will be up against. You have to prepare yourself for every possible plan of attack.

Another important aspect of this, don’t expect your customer base to get it. This information is just for you. Don’t include your customers in on the research. They aren’t going to care. If you were in their shoes, would you? Customers don’t care about details. Your customers care about the results. Give them the results.


This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes business owners make. They don’t learn from their mistakes. We have all been there. Do yourself a favor and take this advise to heart.

Look at the feedback you are getting, even the most harshest of criticisms. Your customers might know something you don’t. If your customers think you need to improve on something, implement these actions. Some business owners just pay attention to the good reviews, disregarding the bad. This is also a reason why their business models fail. Learn from what you have done wrong. We all make mistakes. It’s what you do about it that makes you a star. Be the star you were meant to be.


You need to be very clear on who your audience is. You also need to express this sentiment to them. Sometimes an audience can get mixed signals. Explain to your audience what you are giving them. What solutions are you looking to solve? How does this compare to what is already out there? What makes your business model special? IS your audience going to stick around?


Have you worked in this field before? It will help if you have. It will save you time. If this is your first time in this industry, study everything about it. It’s not as simple as putting together your plan and leaping off the building. You need to study possible vendors. Get to know them. Can they give you what you need? You need to be clear about your intentions up front. This way there isn’t some sort of miscommunication later.

Look into the laws in your state. How do the laws cover you and your business? Is there some sort of licensing you need to go through? How much will it cost? Are there regulations that you need to follow? Sometimes it’s not as simple as just putting out your product. Knowing the laws will help protect you against future problems.


The issue is not the competition. The issue is giving your customers choices. Your customers need to pick you over someone else. Focus on what your customers want. This is hard thing to do. It’s also very time consuming. Sometimes you have to go out and take a poll. See what is out there. Focus on making your customers happy. If you focus on them, the rest will take care of itself.

Some people get too consumed with competing. This is bad. When you get too concerned with the competition, you lose sight of what is really important. This is also the moment when your customers will start to walk away. Don’t let this happen. Stay focused on the important issues.


You should keep track of your results. Knowing your track record and growth will help you to do better. It will also put more trust on the investor side. As a business model grows, investors take notice. If your business model has that special something, investors will want to have a piece of the pie. This is a good thing.

You also need to keep up this momentum. You need to give your investors a reason to stay. You need to give them a reason to trust your goals. The safer your make your investors feel, the longer your investors will stay on board.

Investors want to see growth. Investors care about just one thing. They care about the results. If you are not keeping track of this data, your investors will lose faith. If you show your investors you care about them, they will return the favor.

Your investors picked you above everyone else. That should mean something to you and your goals. Show them you care. If you don’t, your investors will wonder why they invested in the first place.


You need to keep moving forward. You can’t just stay the same old, same old. Think of it like a shopping mall. If you are selling the same stuff day after day, eventually people are going to stop buying. Why? Customers lose interest. You need to keep up that interest. You need to bring in new things. Look at your business model about every 6 months. Take a look at what is selling and what isn’t. Get rid of what isn’t and move forward. Bring in new things to make up for what you got rid of.


You need to polish your message and production every so often. Look at your costs. Is there something you can get rid of? Most businesses have at least one cost they can cut after 6 months. The mistake most make is they don’t cut these costs. The business keeps going as is. Don’t do this to yourself.

Think of your business model as your own image. We all change and grow. You have to change. You can’t stay the same for the rest of your life, neither can your business.
If you need to get rid of a few things after 6 months, do so. Change is difficult. Change is sometimes painful. You will thanks us later for this tip.


You are the reason your customers choose your company. This should reflect in your work. Don’t be afraid to try a few things. Sometimes slashing and burning is a good thing. Your loyal customers will stand by you no matter what. This is your business model, make it your own. Don’t over do it, but don’t come out looking all drab either. Your site or physical location needs to make a personal statement. Customers invest in the person, not the company.


It’s never easy to begin a new business model. It’s never easy to update an existing one either. Just remember to add a little heart to your model and you’ll be fine.

Research doesn’t stop when you put things in motion. It’s an ongoing thing. Keep a level head and remember to make good choices. Always remember that change is necessary to move forward. The key is to make your business model last. As long as you keep a positive outlook and are sensible, the rest will fall into place.