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Reports KPI real time

Data collection KPI in the surgical environment in the second tact!
The dressing of your data KPI still lasts weeks in your enterprise(operation)?
Up-to-date this is not any more and can be changed in essence with free of charge available standard methods.

Reports KPI are inserted in most cases still by hand in Excel and then in PowerPoint folios. In bigger enterprises more than 100 reports KPI can result quickly. We know all as difficultly and lengthy the dressing of these data can be. Independent on the expenditure of work he must be pursued to gather all data, to process to give to analyze and at the end to visualizer this work routine also means a significant delay of the appearance up to effective availability of the information.

Delays of several weeks are a usual order of magnitude.
If we accept, a luxurious monthly report should be constructed. The daily dressing is not possible because of the high expenditure. The data are collected about the month and at the beginning of the consequence month to the consolidation dispatches to an assistant or female assistant and there consolidated. Then the data must become still processes and visualizer. To the data then finally are available two weeks pass so quickly.
In the clear text this is called, their(her) surgical environment 6 weeks themselves only leave it remains and they(she,it) on it hope, all that is all right. If they can have the report on your desk you only with strong delay react.

Up-to-date with the methods and standards which are established themselves, meanwhile, in the market this method of approach of the manual coverage is not any more.
In the market offered finished solutions they are not as a rule what to successful managing of their(her) enterprise(operation) need, custom-made solutions are flexible and the gold way to the world class Performance.
A long-term strategy is necessary to place at disposal all data for the dressing KPI automatically.

Here an overview for the introduction of automatically reports KPI in the surgical environment:
Step 1
Define all reports KPI and the source data which you need for the production.
Step 2
Define per workplace the data which are to be exchanged, in this connection, is to be distinguished between manual input and automatic counting.
In both cases an OPC (Open of pro flat Control) interface should be intended, this represents the current industrial standard and guarantees the future ability independent on offered of your engines price increase. Today every modern engine comes with an engines price increase which controls OPC, or can be extended around functional character OPC.
With the manual input an user’s interface is programmed to the manual input.
With the automatic collection of enterprise data of an engines price increase it is a matter of fixing first which data should be exchanged. Typical data are:
Recipe and article number
Order amount
Quality indexes
Engines operator (personnel number)
Produced is amount
Engines status (to the calculation OEE)
Standard time (to the automatic Machine status query)
The engines interface is so formed which there is to the operator at any time feedback about the current status, approximately like claimed amount, produced good amount, current engines status, current Performance (incentive pay), etc it is to be inserted also meaningfully an automatic disconnection, as long as the demanded good amount was produced.
Specialized SPC and test software solutions are available for the collection of quality data in labs.
Step 3
Now it is to be transmitted in the time the data to a Shop Floor system. Here different offenders are available. Established offenders are, for example, Siemens, Intentional, Rockwell automation and many other offenders.
Important is here that the core competence of the respective offered is to be considered at all costs. The number of the engines, the data to be transmitted and their(her) frequency as well as the reliability of the data transmission are not parameters to be underestimated. The data amount and the availability of systems ERP are estimated here frequently wrongly.
Step 4
After the data in a data bank in the Shop Floor system were filed(passed) by all engines and workplaces, these data must be transmitted regularly to the higher system ERP.
While the data in the system ERP change rather slowly, the data on Shop floor flat change in the second tact, appropriately performance systems should come for the choice.
One Balance of the data to the system ERP should be as a rule in little bit bigger distances (hours(lessons)) enough.
Step 5
The last step is the dressing and supply of the data:
A contemporary dressing and representation of the KPI should take place about a web page. In the background Open Source sure(safe) about future software packages should be used.
I recommend the application of Apache as a web server with installed PHP, MySQL as a data bank to the intermediate storage of the generic reports and a CMS (Content management to system) as a Fronted. All these packages are free of charge.
Now the report data are filed(passed) in parallel from the system ERP as well as the Shop floor system in generic way on the server.
What is called generically? – Generically because as far as possible only a table should be applied for all report data. Also a table model must be found which does justice to all demands for the coverage KPI. The table head is filed(passed) in own table per report KPI, is guaranteed that the reports remain readable. The data themselves are filed(passed) in a firm(fixed) table format, with it the administration of the data is substantially standardized and is simplified with it. Programming effort to the data import and export as well as the administration the report KPI Templates is reduced therefore to a minimum. Meaningfully it is to be planed also a baking for the production of report models KPI, because the main points of the coverage KPI should change experience regularly and the models in simply editable form be given access.

The Result
Now as a final result you should have a surface(environment) in which the assistants can simply navigate by the KPI’s, all reports KPI automatically can be available and realize them(her,it) also real time views like world-wide leading state functions.

This article should give the first realization into the topic, a specified consideration on the subject would quickly fill a whole book. I hope that this article inspires possibly many readers and pleases me about every feedback.