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The 8 most important rules for reliability in the company

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The 8 most important rules for reliability in the company

They have been confronted certainly in your professional life already with mutual apportionings of blame, dishonesty and egocentric behavior. Management mistakes and the past of wrong values favour this erroneous trend in the proficient culture. However, assistants can be enabled by correct guidance to correct their(her) own behavior in the correct direction. One of the key factors, this to reach, is the assistants for your decisions to keep approach and results only responsible. The consistent pursuit of this attempt can increase the efficiency within the organization significantly.

The important first step in addition is: Away from the guidance, there in direction of sole responsibility.

Studies about the influence from Autocratically, Democratically and ” Laissez fair ” led enterprises show which the most effectively led enterprises order of teams in which himself every team member perceives as an important component, with appropriate influence.
In contrast to assistants is said to those exactly what they(she,it) have to do, the effort rises in own work to invest if themselves the assistants perceive as team members with influence and when such are respected.

Some prelaws run in the intuitive case and allow to file(pass) your assistants regularly account about own work or “curtain lectures” hold, in the hope of this the reliability of the assistants would improve.
This attempt is not of course a promising and supplies at most suboptimale results.

Examinations about the guidance qualities which promote reliability have pointed that the most successful managers more than 8 guidance competence order which lead to a high individual reliability of the assistants.


1) Result responsibility

Sometimes it is difficult in the enterprise not to lose the focus. If tasks, priorities, result expectation and responsibility are not unambiguous, the assistants can be also kept not responsible. At the same moment they must put(admit) for the assistants fair scopes for action to be able to reach also around the results.

2) Honesty and integrity

If they are asked in a meeting for project results, they answer always honestly ” We are behind the expectations ” or answer them(her,it) ” We lie in the plan “? Those, act Responsibly have to say the courage the truth.

This behavior is affected on part by the behavior of the superior if this handles also directly and openly with his(its) assistants.

3) Trust

To managers to those the assistants do not trust the following reflections express:

I am not convinced which are also rewarded my efforts
I have the feeling which I am used
I doubt the named motives of my superior
I am certainly that my performances(achievements) for the career of my superior are used

These factors form naturally no trust(confidence).
The trust(confidence) of the assistants is based on three pillars:

Positive connection(affair) with the assistants
Reliability / of the superior


4) Clear vision and direction

An old Chinese Sprichwirt says: ” The hunter of two hares hunts, nobody catches “.
In the entreprises in which many aims are pursued at the same moment nobody will be reached. Resourcen (specially of the assistants) must be used conscientiously and aimed.
They need a clear vision as well as a draft how they want to reach this. Only afterwards clear aims can be defined for which then the assistants are responsible.

5) Problem solution and technical expert’s assessment

If assistants do not dispose of the necessary specialized knowledge and are confused how current problems are to be solved, these cannot be also held responsible. Train your assistants according to their(her) tasks and the expectations later to them(her,it) are put. Training is a basis for the success and is neglected frequently.

6) Communication

The superior must go in the position his(its) clearly to formulate and to communicate, so the other just(exactly) understand what is demanded. This sets in front that the manager is able to explain(express), to ask and to listen.

7) Ability for the change

Studies point, the managers really successfully with operational change processes are at the same moment about reliable assistants at high level dispose.
Managers successfully with change processes are the following qualities have at the same moment: accept feedback, challenges accept, are innovatively, radiate optimism, stumbling blocks show and set clear aims.

8) Co-operation and conflict solution

The lasting will to the co-operation in an enterprise is difficult to reach.
Studies point, the team them cooperate such are far more successful than konkurieren. Co-operation promotes reliability! Managers have to support the task the co-operation by fair contact, openness and a favorable environment. Every behavior in the team, to the teamwork does not contribute it is a matter not only not of supporting but actively on fairplay to rejustieren. Hosts and egocentrics do not belong in the creation of value chain.

One the top priorities in an enterprise should be the promotion and development of the reliability of all assistants. If they have found a substantial deficit with themselves or your assistants in one of 8 points, catch immediately in in it to work!


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